WHOIS Protection

Whois Protection for only $8.00 per year!

Did you know that when you register your domain, your name, address and phone number are readily made available to anyone that requests it via a whois search? Whois Protection privacy protection allows you to keep your information private as it should be. Don't let spammers and telemarketers compromise your privacy. Get Whois Protection today! Take your personal information out of the public WHOIS database but keep full control of your domain When you register any domain name ICANN requires your information to be made available for anyone to find on the web. Telemarketers, spammers, marketers and sometimes other people with bad intent mine the WHOIS to get your information.

Our private registrations:

How does it work?

WHOIS ProtectionWe replace your registrant, technical, admin and billing information with our own. Including: phone number, email and address.

We generate a Spam Filtered email address for you on the WHOIS and only forward emails after spam filtering. Plus we change the email address every week.

We scan postal mail that is a legal document and then email it to you.

We refer all phone calls to the Private Email address.

You may disable/enable your Private Registration service on a domain at anytime for only $8.00 per year. Each Private Registration is good for one year from purchase date.and it then becomes active for a 1 year period.

Current hosting customers please login into your domain control panel and use the email support and request the 'Private Whois" for your domain. We then will activate the "Private Whois" and post the $8.00 fee against your hosting account. You can also email us with your domain control panel 'user name' and the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on record and request the:
Private Whois Domain Registration.

If your domain is not hosted by us but the domain is registered with us and would like to activate the 'Private Whois' please provide the $8.00 payment here:

If your domain is not registered with us please transfer first before we can implement the Whois Protection.

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