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SiteStudio installations are not supported anymore. RVsitebuilder has replaced SiteStudio.
RVsitebuilder has over 750 templates that can be used at no costs.

The full RVsitebuilder can be accessed at no cost via your domain control panel
(The demo version of RVsitebuilder is for those who are not yet Internet Planners clients).

Please login into your Domain Control Panel:

Please look for the RVsitebuilder icon/logo.
You can use this to design a new website or update the site you already created with RVsitebuilder.

Rvsitebuilder voice tutorials can be found here:

As long as you do not use the 'publish' command it will not update your website. Good practice would be is to make sure you have a backup of your current/old site.
Once you you use the publish command it will overwrite your current site for the world to see.

If you did use the publish command make sure you hit the F5 key when visiting your new pages
to force the browser to reload the web page otherwise it might load a cached page from your PC.

All tutorials can be found at

For quick answers to your questions please visit our Knowledgebase

Let us know if you have questions and thanks for hosting with us.

Best regards

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