These hosting fees options are for reseller accounts only
Remember you set your own prices for your clients.
Web Hosting Monthly Quarterly Semi Annual Annual
BASIC Plan US$4.50 US$13.50 US$26.19 US$49.50
ECONOMY Plan US$7.50 US$22.50 US$43.65 US$82.50
PROFESSIONAL  Plan US$15.00 US$45.00 US$87.30 US$165.00
PRO-PLUS  Plan US$22.46 US$67.38 US$130.72 US$247.06
MEGA  Plan US$26.00 US$78.00 US$151.32 US$286.00
RESELLER  Plan US$39.95 US$119.85 US$232.50 US$439.45
Start your own hosting company today!
Do you want to get the edge in the lucrative Web Hosting Industry and establish yourself as a major player? Or do you just want to make some extra cash on the side every month? Either way, should be your outsource hosting provider. If you are a designer or developer, just starting out or with clients already, we can help. Our high quality, reliable service is designed for resellers. You add your own company name to your clients control panel.

Our web hosting solution offers many benefits, including: High profitability through high discounts per individual subscriber; Low operating costs so you can begin experiencing profits from day one; High customer retention and loyalty systems; Complete automation of common tasks; Flexible and state of the art product offerings to ensure your clients get what they need. We provide a completely turnkey solution that is robust and easy-to-use! No matter whether you are adding our solution to your current service line-up or using us as the base of your business model, the reseller plan is clearly a profitable, stable and complete outsource hosting solution.

We host thousands of sites. By using our web hosting service to you will instantly have a complete web hosting, e-mail and e-Commerce solution that is profitable and completely automated. This mean you will be able to offer your customers a web hosting service that will leverage your brand equity and improve your customer loyalty. Our solution is your own privately branded service, with complete anonymity of your association with us. We have no contact with your clients but we do support you!

How does it work?
You can begin reselling from day one. Our tools are completely web-based, powerful, easy-to-use and, again, completely automated! We will walk you through the process of becoming your own web-hosting provider. For $39.95 per month you become a reseller and you can start adding names in a matter of minutes.

Our entire system is completely automated, from account setups to our billing to you. This is to ensure the least amount of technical interference, eliminating the potential for human error. We believe that the only way a reseller can appear independent is if they truly are independent. Account changes and billing management, technical issues, are all handled from our easy-to-use web-based control panel.

Your own name servers!
Your reseller account gets its own primary and secondary name server for you to use with all your hosting clients. (example). NS.THISISYOURDOMAIN.COM AND NS2.THISISYOURDOMAIN.COM.

We become invisible to your clients, you are the hosting company!

Server Space for your clients
Your reseller hosting account is 1000 MB. This space is not for sharing with your customers but just space for your account. When you add clients they get their own space (and their own IP address) according the plan you have chosen and it is not deducted from your space. Each new account gets it's own space and IP address. That way you can add as many accounts as you like and you will never outgrow your account.

We know you have the drive it needs to be successful. Now all you need are the right tools to get there. However, a legitimate concern is whether your tools can grow and adapt with you rather than having to replace them periodically. Our reseller plan is scalable, meaning you never outgrow your server and we keep adding servers to our systems. There is no problem if (or when) your business goes through the roof.

You're in control
You will receive your login information within a few minutes after signing up for your Reseller Account. You will be able to both manage your own web preferences as well as your future customers in one place. The control panel is very easy to use and looks just like the one your customers will use (without the additional reseller options/tools). This is so you can become an expert with using the control panel through early use so you can assist your customers from day one should they have any issues.

Reseller hosting prices
Remember you set your own hosting fees for your clients.
Example: we charge you for a starter plan $4.50 and you then in turn can charge your client $15.00. You determine your own prices.  We also offer large discounts for domain registrations to our resellers.

Start profiting with All you need to do now is sign-up get started! Click on "Sign up!" to do so or contact us at if you have any additional questions.
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