Postini Spam Filtering


Postini Spam Filtering | Email Spooling for less than 5 cents per day per mail box!
Add Postini to your account for $1.50 per email address per month. InternetPlanners.com offers free one month trial of Postini with no commitment. We set it up for you with no downtime in your email. You recieve daily reports of the spam filtered and if needed a message can be released with a click of the mouse to be delivered to your mail box.

Postini Spam Filtering Helps Protect Your Enterprise Email!

Key Features of Postini Spam Filtering:

Postini Spam Filtering

Postini Spam Filtering offers Affordable, easy to implement electronic mail security and management for SMBs

Email has become mission critical for SMBs. The Internet has "flattened" global business, and smaller companies are leveraging emails power to communicate instantly, with anyone, to compete with large enterprises. Email productivity, availability, and quality are core issues businesses simply cannot function without reliable and trusted email.

But today more than 85% of all electronic mail traffic on the Internet is unwanted, malicious or offensive. SMBs are under siege from a variety of increasingly sophisticated attacks from hackers, spammers, and phishers. Being a small business doesn't afford "security through obscurity"; if your business uses email, the bad guys will find and target your employees.

Postini Perimeter Manager blocks spam, viruses, and email attacks, and provides sophisticated message management and policy enforcement capabilities. As a managed service, Postini Perimeter Manager is easy to deploy, requires no new hardware or software, and delivers affordable, predictable monthly costs, coupled with significant administrative and end user productivity improvements. Postini's patented technology platform provides highly accurate filtering, multiple redundant layers of threat protection, granular administrative controls, and unmatched performance.

Postini Perimeter Manager delivers the highest service levels for availability, reliability, and support. With multiple redundant data centers around the world, massive storage and bandwidth, 99.999% availability and awardwinning 24x7 support, Postini provides the kind of infrastructure that few SMBs can afford to build for themselves. Postini is the trusted partner for electronic mail security and management for SMBs worldwide.

Email Spooling
E-mail Spooling offered by Postini Spam Filtering(1 GB included with each account)

We all know that email has become critical for customers. A message returned to the sender because it could not reach your e-mail server, whatever the reason, reflects poorly on your business and costs money as important messages are never received. That's why we now offer Email Spooling! We offer this service as an add-on completely FREE, all of our competitors not only charge, but they charge you per Megabyte which can get very expensive.

Postini Spam Filtering offers Email Spooling is a robust solution that is designed to help protect your business against:

* Local loop failures that prohibit email delivery to your email server
* Email server failures due to power outages, accident or vandalism
* Email server failures in the form of computer virus
* Disaster circumstances that destroy actual servers
* Inevitable "routine" hardware failures of email servers

Order Postini Spam Filtering Now. Please contact Billing to activate this for the email addresses of your choice.


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